Canon EOS 7D Mark II Pre-Order Gift Pack

  By Evelyn Drake

Every customer who pre-orders the Canon EOS 7D Mark II will be offered a free customized gift pack and the option to purchase the Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM lens at a special price of only $399.00.

The gift pack will include:
– Limited Edition EOS 7D Mark II branded Waterproof Jacket
– Limited Edition Canon Hansa Model Camera
– EOS 7D Mark II Branded Smartphone Skin Voucher

Please follow the steps below to receive your gift pack:
1. Place your pre-order for the EOS 7D Mark II with The Camera Store who is an authorized Canon dealer.
2. Submit your EOS 7D Mark II Pre-Order Gift Pack form to:
3. Once you pick up and pay for your EOS 7D Mark II, mail a copy of your receipt and the original proof of purchase barcode cut from the camera box to the address above, attn: ITCG Pre-Order
4. Canon will send your gift pack to you directly.

If you have already pre-ordered your camera and have not received a Pre-Order Gift Pack form, please email


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