Canon Announces SL3 Compact Lightweight DSLR

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Canon has announced the SL3, the successor of their lightweight, compact SL2 model. Available in two colours this spring, this camera takes a lot of features from the mirrorless M50 camera and puts them into the DSLR form factor.

The camera is smaller and marginally lighter than the SL2, has a better battery life, and now includes the updated DIGIC 8 processor. With this, the camera is also now capable of 4K/24p and internal 4K timelapse, although with a very heavy crop factor of 2.64x as compared to full-frame. (This means that the wide end of the kit lens, 18mm, is the full frame equivalent of a 47mm lens.)

The camera keeps the same 3” articulating touch screen, mic jack, 24 megapixel resolution, and 9-point AF as the previous model. Dual Pixel AF is built in and covers approximately 88% of the sensor horizontally and 100% vertically, though not available in movie mode. Eye-AF is now available in live-view shooting, however.

The camera is available for preorder kitted with the 18-55mm f4-5.6 lens in black and white configurations at $944.00. Expected ship date is in May.


Kaitlyn is a craft beer enthusiast and self-labelled film nerd. Suitably, she is one of the hosts of Calgary's Beers & Cameras meetup group. She also drinks too much coffee and wants to see too many places. When not helping coordinate events or exploring whatever city, town, or backroad she can, she also works as a freelance photographer and assistant.