Canon 70D Hands-On Preview

  By Jordan Drake

Chris and I hate pre-production camera shoots so much.


We really want to be able to impartially review our products and be honest about the good and bad sides of every piece of gear. Having a pre-production product limits us on what we can show and say. So when we heard that we would get a pre-production 70D for a shoot we weren’t initially interested in making a video. Here’s what convinced us to go ahead and shoot a preview of the 70D: A brand new sensor and amazingly fast live view focusing. Finally Canon had released an SLR which didn’t feel like a rebadging or minor upgrade but instead represented a smart, feature rich, and capable new body that could raise the bar for other brands to follow. 


We weren’t able to test the brand new sensor as the camera was still pre-production but we were able to show the impressive phase detection autofocus capabilities of the 70D and the thing focuses like a camcorder. It really promises huge possibilities to use this SLR for documentary and event videography with full autofocus, and with the 5D MKIII video codecs you know the quality will be incredible. 


I filmed this episode on the usual kit, the Sony FS700 with a Speed Booster and Canon glass.  The majority of the episode was filmed with the Canon 24-105 F4, but I used the 24mm F1.4 for a couple shots where I wanted shallow depth of field and a wider perspective. Audio was recorded with the Sony UWP-130 wireless system. 


Despite the lack of photos we really were excited about this new product and can’t wait to try the full version as soon as it comes out. It’s refreshing to be excited about a crop sensor camera from Canon and we’re looking forward to shooting a proper 70D review soon.