Canadian Nature Photographer’s Tribute to George Brybycin

  By Evelyn Drake

Local landscape photographer George Brybycin passed away on Sunday June 25th. He leaves behind a legacy of amazing images for future generations to enjoy. Dr. Robert Berdan & Friends of George Brybycin wrote a tribute to George which is featured on

“George Brybycin in Stony Plain Park along the Bow River with the Rocky Mountains behind him – Sept. 30, 2011.

Nicknamed “Ansel Adams of the Canadian Rockies and Canada”, George Brybycin was a mountain climber and photographer extraordinaire.

CTV News story about George Brybycin June 26, 2017 – View it here

I received the sad news this week that George Brybycin passed away in the confines of his apartment. He was 83 years young. I spoke with him the week before and he told me he was preparing to take some of his new books and drive up to Jasper. He visited the mountains regularly and that is where is heart was.” 

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In the spring of last year, George 


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