Buy Capture One Pro 22 & Get Capture One Pro 23 Free

  By Ryley Smith


On the fence about buying Capture One 22? Not anymore! Today until November 8th, 2022, when you buy Capture One 22, you’ll get Capture One 23 for FREE when it’s released in November! Don’t wait to improve your workflow. Start loving Capture One now plus get this wicked deal!

Discover Capture One 22’s useful tools like Wireless Tethering, HDR merge, and Panoramic Stitching, then explore even more features when 23 is released, all in one package!

Buy 22, get 23 is a limited-time offer. Only available for new license purchases. To get both, purchase the current Capture One Pro 22 perpetual license, and you’ll receive the Capture One Pro 23 software once released in November. 

Once Capture One 23 is released, simply follow this step-by-step activation guide and use the same license key from your Capture One 22 license. Follow our blog and social media for updates on when Capture One Pro 23 will be released!

Get Capture One 22 here!

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