Book Signing With Ken Hoehn

  By Evelyn Drake

Join us for a book signing at The Camera Store on Dec. 12th from 11AM-3PM with Ken Hoehn who has just released two new book titles including:

Alberta Wild profiles Alberta’s wild residents at home in the Province’s wildest places.  This book is filled with detailed stories from the wilderness that will bring the joy of nature to any reader, documented in stunning imagery.  Three years in the making.

When I Was Little and If I Was Big is a children’s’ book that will engage young readers in the discovery of nature. Of course, it is filled with amazing pictures of wild creatures and will inspire imagination… even from its first page…

About Ken Hoehn – Wilderness Artist

Since his childhood in northern Saskatchewan, Ken has enjoyed the spirituality of nature by finding ways to get close to the creatures of the wild.  For decades, the camera has accompanied him into the wilderness. 

Attention to the artistic interpretation of rarely seen inhabitants in their natural environments is the essence of his photographic imagery. 

Ken is thrilled to share adventures from the outdoors, and connect them to our human lives through ­­his limited edition pieces and publications.  The way he sees it, the wild birds and animals have no voice in our world beyond their elegant beauty.  By presenting their best moments through images, they become empowered to awaken our wonder and respect for nature.

Ken also has two more book titles available including:

  • Time, Light and Luck… the stories of a wanderer
  • Secrets of the Earth

You can view more of Ken’s work at



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