Back For A Limited Time! The Ricoh GR III Street Edition!

  By Ryley Smith


If you missed out the first time, here is your chance, the Ricoh GR III Street Edition is back! This high-quality, limited quantity kit comes with exclusive features, an updated design, and other additions, making it even cooler, than the original, Ricoh GR III! 

Now, what makes the GR III Street Edition so unique? Well, first off, it has an upgraded exterior! With a stylish metallic grey, the GR III Street Edition has a distinctive grained texture, which is created by repeatedly spraying droplets of the coating material onto the camera body. Not only does this give the camera a luxurious, smooth look but improves the overall hold of the camera. Then the GR III Street Edition is accented with a funky yellow-orange ring around the lens barrel to symbolize the “Brilliance on the street.”

Next, you will notice the new, external features of the Ricoh GR III Street Edition. It now includes a Special Edition GV-2 Viewfinder. This compact, detachable viewfinder has the same metallic gray finish as the camera and has the number 28 imprinted on its top panel to highlight the camera’s angle of view. It also comes with a Special Edition Leather Hand Strap. The strap’s stopper is finished in the same orange-yellow colour as the lens barrel ring, enhancing the overall look.

The GR III Street Edition also has a Full Press Snap feature, allowing you to focus on a specified distance and shoot. This feature is instantly activated with a single touch on the LCD panel. With this fast-shooting function, you can set up your shot precisely, then capture the photo at the perfect moment.

Another exclusive feature of the GR III Street Edition is the display when the camera is powered off. When you turn off the camera, it will display a shutdown screen consisting of the specially designed product logo and a street-view image that symbolizes the camera’s “street snapshot” concept.

Overall, this is a super cool camera that is perfectly designed for the street! The Ricoh GR III Street Edition is only back for a limited time with a limited quantity, so do not miss your second chance! Click here to buy yours now!


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