Are Camcorders Dead?

  By Jordan Drake

One of the biggest issues Chris and I fight with doing TCSTV is scheduling. We can usually only free up two or three days in our schedules for shooting, so we tend to be pretty selective with what we shoot. Usually, there’s an exciting camera available so we tend to feature those. However, I’d really like to look at gear besides cameras, some demonstrations of different photographic techniques, and opinion pieces.

I’ve wanted to talk about what was going on in the video world for some time, and never really a video subject that suited the topic. So we decided to shoot a quick and dirty video with some examples accumulated through the week. Our friends from the band All Hands On Jane were playing a house party so we used that as the basis for our lowlight comparison. Big thanks to Mark Langridge for running the HF G30 while I shot with the RX10.

On the night of shooting, one of our coworkers Dean Rumpel was good enough to stay late and monitor the camera. It was a very quick shoot, as Chris and I have already had this discussion several times. We killed all the store lights and lit ourselves with a Joker 400 with a Softube, a Fiilex P360, and Lumahawk 312 AS. We filmed on the Sony FS700, recording to an Atomos Samurai Blade. Since there was no running around to do, I locked the camera on a Monfrotto 509/545 kit. Music was provided by our friends at

I really like the format of a discussion episode, it’s a nice break from field tests. I was quite happy with the Best and Worst of 2013 video, and while I’m still pretty uncomfortable on camera, it’s becoming more natural. I’d love to do more of these quick and dirty videos when we don’t have a full day to do a field test. If you’d like to see more, let us know on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.