Ang McCabe

“The first time I held the R6, it just felt good in my hands. With its unparalleled auto-focusing and eye tracking, I no longer have to worry about missing a shot and can spend more time focusing on what is in front of my camera. The R6 has been a game changer – I can trust that I’m not missing moments so I can focus more on my creativity” – Ang McCabe

About Ang McCabe:

Ang McCabe is a Vancouver Island based wedding and intimate couple photographer who focuses on storytelling and emotive imagery. Creating a safe and comfortable space to foster authentic moments, she uses her surroundings to further enhance the mood felt in her images. The past few years she has dedicated much of her passion into the educational side of the industry, inspiring other artists to build their careers with purpose and create their art with passion.

Instagram: @myrtleandmossphotography