Along The Western Front – A Best Travel Book of 2020

  By Ryley Smith


In 2020 we had to find other ways to experience the world beyond travel. Luckily, there are outstanding photography books that help our minds travel the world from the comfort of home. National Geographic UK released The 12 best travel books of 2020, and one of the books listed hit close to home. Along the Western Front, by Calgary local, Leah Hennel made it on the list for Top Photographer! Explore the beauty of Alberta through the stunning photographs of Leah Hennel’s debut collection!

Along the Western Front, by Leah Hennel

“This crackling debut collection of photography focuses on contemporary cowboy culture and modern ranching lifestyle in Alberta, with evocative shots taken by a Calgary city lass with a long-held passion for backcountry Canada. This fresh perspective on a long-mythologised North American way of life induces you to shake the prairie dust from your shoulders with shots that capture calves being ‘wrassled’ to the ground for branding, saddle-level scenes of rodeo riders, and intimate family portraits from a remote Hutterite colony.”  – National Geographic
Traveller (UK)

Do you want to go on a journey through modern ranching and contemporary cowboy culture through Leah’s intimate photographs of rural life? Order your copy of Along the Western Front, by Leah Hennel here!


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Leah Hennel: Along the Western Front



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