Alberta Camera Club Alliance

Working together to enhance photography opportunities for members!

Background discussions on an inter-club collaboration effort began in early 2021. We wanted to see if we could accomplish something like they are doing in BC and the Yukon, where 28 clubs representing 1400 members came together and to share the cost of events involving high-reputation speakers as well as to share ideas with each other about how to better serve their members digitally. The result was an alliance of six clubs representing approximately 625 members!

All camera clubs in Alberta are welcome to join if they are interested in this collaborative effort.

The member clubs are as follows:

Alliance accomplishments to date:

  • An exchange of names of potential speakers that the clubs could invite to speak to their own club, and/or we could invite to speak to a collection of the members of all our clubs.
  • Two highlight presentations scheduled so far: Dave Brosha presented on March 15th and Colin Harrison on April 18th.
  • Clubs have extended invitations to members of the other clubs to attend speaker nights organized by the hosting club.
  • And finally, we wanted to create a highlight feature for the season where all members could attend a trade show with all the camera equipment companies and their representatives. We approached The Camera Store, and they were happy to take on this challenging task of producing this Virtual Photography Gear Trade Show that you are enjoying today.