Abandoned Alberta (Saskatchewan!) – Summer Solstice 2017 – Photography Workshop

  By Evelyn Drake

For the past four years, photographers Robert Scott and Scott Dimond have been offering their Abandoned Alberta Photographic Workshops. These workshops expand participant’s skills in the areas of composition and pre & post capture techniques all the while exploring and photographing old abandoned homesteads and vehicles in Alberta. For their first workshop of 2017, they are taking a bit of a road trip and basing the June Summer Solstice Workshop out of a small town in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has such an abundance of unique abandoned homesteads this workshop offers a rare opportunity to gain access while receiving expert instruction on how to best photograph them. A few weekend passes remain available.

Details can be found on their eventbrite page. 

To see more of Scott and Robert’s work, please visit: www.ScottDimond.com or  www.RobertScott.ca


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