A Photographers Introduction to Video with Jordan Drake

  By Kelly Mandeville

If you’re a photographer with an interest in shooting video, you don’t want to miss Jordan Drake’s discussion: A Photographers Introduction to Video. On Saturday, April 11th at 10AM, Jordan will help to bridge the gap between photography and videography by explaining how the concepts and terms used in photography apply to the world of video.

During this interactive discussion, Jordan will cover:

– Basic video terminology

– How shutter speeds, aperture and ISO change between stills photography and video

-Setting up a shot: What to do before you hit record

Jordan is our in-house Video Specialist and has worked as a Director, Director of Photography, and Writer on several short films. Jordan also produces all of The Camera Store TV reviews and shorts on our Youtube channel!


Next topic: Saturday, April 18th at 10AM – The Stumbling Blocks in Beginner Photography and How to Overcome Them with Nikunj Rajput.