A Closer Look at Neutral Density Filters

  By Kelly Mandeville

Join us this Saturday, March 7th at 10AM for coffee, donuts, and an open discussion about Neutral Density Filters. This free event will provide you with information on this essential photography tool, and the tips & tricks you have to know.

Bring your camera on Saturday morning at 10AM, and join Chris Niccolls for this interactive discussion!

Chris will discuss:

– When & how to use an ND filter
– Slowing your shutter speed
– ND filters + flash photography
– The various types of ND filters available

Please note, you will be venturing outdoors for a practical, hands-on “how to” with Chris. Please bring your camera and dress for the weather.


Stay tuned! Every Saturday morning at 10AM, we’ll discuss another topic. Whether it’s techniques, tips, or providing a hands-on demo with new gear, there will be something for everyone.

Next Discussion – Saturday, March 14th at 10AM