5 Tips for Close-Up Nature Photography

  By Kaitlyn Kerr


Nature is full of incredible subjects and textures. The closer you look, the more there is, and so many interesting photographs can be created with these as subjects. Take a look at five tips to improve your close-up photography.

1. Get a macro lensMacro lenses are specifically designed for close up photography. They’re sharp, they focus close, and they’ll become a versatile part of your camera bag, since they also double as great portrait or low-light lenses.


2. Every cloud has a silver lining – Shooting on cloudy days can actually be better than bright sun. Since the daylight is more diffused and even, harsh shadows are reduced, which allows the subject to shine through. Even on a bright day, shooting in open shade can have the same effect.

3. Shine a little light – Use a ring light, small reflector, or even your phone’s flashlight to add some light back into your subject. Shooting close up often blocks a little (or a lot of) light to your subject, so this can help you keep your ISO low and your images clean. The Canon 35mm F2.8 IS STM is a great macro lens that has a ring light built in.


4. Get some knee pads – Probably the best non-photogear thing you’ll buy for photography. So many interesting close-up things will inevitably be on the ground. Save yourself from dirt and pain and accidentally kneeling in that thistle that definitely wasn’t there ten seconds ago.

5. Flip-a-da-lensReversing rings allow you to take an inexpensive lens, like the Canon “nifty fifty” (which also doubles as a great portrait lens) and mount it backwards. With a little patience, this allows you to get some amazing close-up shots.

There are so many opportunities for close-up shots all around, and the more you look, the more you’ll find. For more, take a look at a macro workshop. Share your shots, and tag us @thecamerastore in your favourite shots on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Kaitlyn is a craft beer enthusiast and self-labelled film nerd. Suitably, she is one of the hosts of Calgary's Beers & Cameras meetup group. She also drinks too much coffee and wants to see too many places. When not helping coordinate events or exploring whatever city, town, or backroad she can, she also works as a freelance photographer and assistant.