5 Things to Love About BLACKRAPID Camera Straps

  By Danny Luong

BLACKRAPID is one of the best-selling and most ubiquitous camera strap brands that The Camera Store has to offer. Whether we are professionals or enthusiasts, we all want a genuine feeling of safety and comfort when it comes to carrying our camera gear. I’ve used BLACKRAPID’s straps for everything I shoot from travel to my portrait work, and they have proven themselves to me time and time again for 5 solid reasons.

One of the key reasons I moved away from using the manufacturer straps that come in the camera box was to ease the strain on my neck and shoulders. I found that if I was working for 8+ hours on a wedding assignment I would be sore the next day if I hung a camera around my neck for those extended periods of time. Hanging them on my shoulder eased a lot of this pain, but I found that because of the weight of the gear it was still too much and my shoulders were still sore the next day. My BLACKRAPID strap has eased a lot of this burden. The unique design allows me to carry my camera down by my waist. Carrying my camera and using this strap is a breeze and makes interacting with my environment – whether that’s posing clients, or paying for my food – much simpler than with a regular strap. Conveniently, I can also take off the strap without having to take it over my head thanks to fastener clips located at the rear of the shoulder pad.

The speed at which I can bring my viewfinder to my eye is likely one of the most attractive reasons to own a BLACKRAPID strap. It’s an incredibly fluid motion that is very intuitive. Nothing gets tangled. In one swift motion you go from resting to shooting in a way that just isn’t possible with a regular strap. Another key thing I like being able to do is ‘dropping’ my camera after I’m finished shooting with full assurance that the strap will keep things taut and ensure that the camera will not fall, but come to a rest just by my waist.

While on a gig or on the street, I can rest easy knowing that the camera can’t be taken off my body without me noticing. The fasteners feature a twist lock that would hinder most attempts at theft just short of cutting the straps off of your body. Having the strap anchored to the plate mount at the bottom of the camera also gives me peace of mind. I know that the strap will not snap, and can withstand all but the most dedicated forms of thievery.

Not the highest reason on the list, but looks do matter. I generally prefer ‘sleeker’ looks and like to remove branding on my cameras and gear as much as possible as shooting isn’t about that sometimes. BLACKRAPID straps come with a small little ‘R’ logo stitched into them and are all black. They can also come with coloured accents, although those aren’t my preference. The straps look good, and function well. Can’t ask for much more!

BLACKRAPID offers a trade-in program for their straps or other competing sling-style straps. This is a great way to continue refreshing your straps while receiving a large discount, and without having to worry about growing clutter. All that is required is taking a picture of your strap and shipping it to the BLACKRAPID warehouse in order to get your unique discount code for a solid 40% off your next strap. I’ve used the program once myself to trade up, and it’s a nice touch. I know many photographers can attest to this, we’re always looking at the new stuff and, although selling a camera via classifieds isn’t too difficult, the market for straps and bags is quite abysmal.

You can view our selection of BLACKRAPID straps below:

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Hand Strap Breathe

Street Breathe Camera Strap

Sport Breathe Camera Strap

Curve Sling Breathe Camera Strap

Cross Shot Breathe

Backpack Sling Strap

RS DR-1 Strap


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