Photographer Feature: Tyler Forest-Hauser

 By Jordan Drake

Tyler Forest-Hauser has always been a creative person, jumping between composing music, filmmaking and video editing in his early 20s. While I never saw him with a still camera during that period, I could see how important strong composition was to him in the early short films he directed. He had a photographer’s eye, but a photo camera was never on his radar.

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Book Review: The Blind Photographer

 By John Veldhoen

I am so proud that I was able to get behind this book long before I ever saw it. The Camera Store sells books, which is a bit of a marketing challenge, given our name, as you might imagine… When I order books, I read descriptions, and I become acquainted with presses, authors, editors, track records, details, but sometimes what finally comes to the shop is a little less, and sometimes, hopefully, a lot more than I expected. I’ve become familiar with the designer of The Blind Photographer, and Julian Rothenstein’s Redstone Press. I love the vibrant colour of his De-Stijl-y designs, and I have been in love with books, and page design all of my adult life, from David Carson’s wonky illegible type frenzy and Raygun magazine, to the eminent rationality of the statistician Edward Tufte’s work. I love books and magazines that play with form. This book is a little more restrained, but look at the multi-coloured braided headband, this small flourish, this detail calls out, it announces a personal love of the gift of sight, and so touchingly.

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2 Part Travel Photography Event Featuring National Geographic Creative Photographer, Kike Calvo!

 By Evelyn Drake

We are excited to present a two part travel event featuring award winning Columbia based National Geographic Creative Photographer, Kike Calvo!

  • Friday October 14 – Through The Lens of Photography & Conservation Travel – Fort Calgary, 630-930pm

  • Saturday October 15 – Full Day Hands on Photo Workshop – Sheraton Eau Claire, 9am-5pm

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