2016 Worldwide WOW Photo Contest Winners

  By Evelyn Drake

Congratulations to the 2016 Worldwide WOW Photo Contest Winners. Philip Kanwischer (1st place Pro), Robert Postma (2nd place Pro), Denis Gadbois (3rd place Pro), Robert Ganz (1st place Amateur), Stuart Foster (2nd place Amateur) and Patryk Pulawski (3rd place Amateur). All proceeds from this fundraiser photo contest go to support the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

© Philip Kanwischer / 1st place – Professional category / Oasis / Story: This is a photograph derived from a series called Inhospitably Ours. The project deals with the flux of human intervention into wildlife. Oasis is a result of a deer drinking out of a puddle in a field that I then moved to an industrial landscape.

© Robert Postma / 2nd place – Professional category / Breathe of Life / Story: The old growth forests of Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island have stood the test of time. Deep within the heart of her, I stand, amazed at the solitude one can be in. The only sounds were the call of birds and the sigh of the wind. Beautiful.

© Denis Gadbois / 3rd place – Professional category / Husky Dogs in Arviat Nunavut / Story: Arviat is a small hamlet in Nunavut. Life is about hunting and recycling old forms of winter transportation. During the summer months, hunters raise their puppies in hope they will become good sled dogs or guard dogs against polar bears. (Panorama 6 shots)

© Robert Ganz / 1st place – Amateur category / Sky Dancers / Story : A pair of terns having an aerial tussle. Shot on the St. Lawrence River in Montreal.

© Stuart Foster / 2nd place – Amateur category / Caught in a Moment / Story: One morning in Calgary, I went into Starbucks to get a chai latte. The light was amazing, and I saw this man sitting at the table, framed by the bus window. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you so I took this with my iPhone.

© Patryk Pulawski / 3rd place – Amateur category / Darkness at Skogafoss / Story: Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland. I’ve made this image B&W to show the darkness and mystery behind this well-known landmark.


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