FUJI X100T Images By Marlin Olynyk

 By MarlinOlynyk

Marlin Olynyk is a photographer & video specialist focusing on helping organizations and initiatives develop creative visual content. Marlin produces visual narratives in themes promoting travel, conservation, recreation, and the human condition. He is located in Vancover BC. More of his work can be viewed at marlinolynyk.com

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The Banff Landscape Photography Summit

 By Brian Merry

Jan. 8th-10th, 2016 at the Banff Park Lodge Featuring:
Robert Berdan, Ethan Meleg, Roy Ramsay, Kevin Gedling, Lori Homstol and Brian Merry

The Banff Photography Summit is more than just another landscape photography workshop.  It’s meant to be a haven for creativity.  It’s a weekend retreat from the hectic and numerous distractions of everyday life, so that you can turn your complete and undivided attention towards growing as a photographer in the glorious setting of the Canadian Rockies.  The Banff Landscape Photography Summit is a photography workshop where you can immerse yourself 100% into your photography and learn from leading professionals in the field.

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