Two Mann Studios Travel Photography: Part 2 Greece

 By tcs_admin

Two Mann Studios recently spent 4 months traveling throughout Australia, Greece, and Croatia. Right before their trip started – literally on the way to the airport – Erika and Lanny Mann stopped in at The Camera Store and purchased 2 mirror-less cameras. Using the Fuji XT1 and the Sony RX1, Erika and Lanny captured their journey and have shared their beautiful photographs in a three-part blog series: Australia, Greece, and Croatia.

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Mobile Camera Obscura

 By Evelyn Drake

Check out a camera obscura (a work in progress) that is being made out of a vintage fiberglass camping trailer around Calgary Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Read this post for more info!

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Book Review: “Walking in the Light” and “Day for Night”

 By John Veldhoen

Reading a recent publication entitled, “Images of the Body in Architecture”, I learned of how architecture can be thought of as deriving from the Greek (and before that) word “arche”, meaning beginning (or primal work, like using an axe, for shaping wood, or incising stone), combined with “techne”, meaning crafting (by using an axe, for instance.) Stay with me… I know I am starting off in an esoteric way, but I want to get to something key, part-and-parcel with what I wrote about in the last review, regarding “having an axe to grind”, and what I called “academic” photography.

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