2014 Photography Essay Winner Chris Burkard

  By Evelyn Drake

WINNER: Chris Burkard

“From mountains to the sea the Arctic provides a truly unique experience for surfing. Icy roads lead the way to your surf hut and snow-capped peaks are a stunning background to a surf session. Nightly activities include defrosting in a Norwegian hot tub or staring in amazement at nature’s light show, Aurora Borealis.”

Jury Comments:
Chris Burkard’s Arctic surfing essay tackles a sport that is commonly spectacular, but takes it into a location that is also surprising and otherworldly. Each image captures a masterfully executed moment, is visually and conceptually distinct from the others, and fits together with just four others to tell a well-rounded and compelling adventure story. Not a word is needed and although we do see just enough, we are left begging for more.

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